Prayer Team

The North Hills Church Prayer Ministry provides prayer support for the community of North Hills Church. Our Prayer Ministry includes an active prayer chain, intercessory prayer gatherings and the availability of prayer leaders during each service to pray with individuals seeking prayer. For more information, please contact Brenda Green.

Prayer requests can be submitted by clicking HERE

NHC Missionaries

They make it their vocation to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to every part of the world. In a spirit of creativity, they cross boundaries and, through lots of personal sacrifice and the power of the Holy Spirit, they get the job done.

Through partnerships, they go to the other side of the word. We stay here and pray for them, support them, and find lots of ways to bless them! They cannot go unless we commit to do so. That’s how it works!

Worship Ministry

We were created to worship God. North Hills Worship exists to bring people together in multiple expressions of worship. We’re committed to raising up a generation of worshippers who will glorify God and lead others into His presence.

Please contact Cristian Ungur if you are interested in joining the team.