Kid's Ministry

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One of the best things about North Hills Church is the way we love kids, teaching them the truths of God’s Word through creative, tangible means. Most of our church has family members under four feet tall. These small, fragile, precious ones provide unlimited children’s ministry opportunities.

Our dedicated team of loving, enthusiastic teachers pour their love for Jesus into weekly lesson preparation and delivery. Every adult volunteer is thoroughly screened and trained, increasing their potential to make a God-inspired, God-empowered impact on the children under their care.

Since day one at NHC, kids have been the tail that wags the dog!

Pre-School Department

At North Hills Church, our heart is that all ages would receive the good news found in Christ Jesus. The Sunday morning experience for a 2-6 year old is centered around biblical teaching, engaging worship, and scripture memorization. We currently use “The Gospel Project” curriculum for this department. Below are the core values of this curriculum.

“The Gospel Project” Curriculum

Promote Gospel Transformation, Not Behavior Modification: Every session points kids to the gospel of Jesus Christ as the source of heart-transformation and the foundation for spiritual growth.

See How the Whole Bible Fits Together: From Genesis to Revelation, kids will understand how the entire story of the Bible reveals God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Unite Every Age in Christ-centered Study: For churches that wish to align studies throughout all ages, The Gospel Project provides a Christ-centered Bible study experience for babies through adults.

Teach Kids to Live on Mission: Every session is developed to help kids know God more and to learn of His missionary heart – encouraging kids to join in the story by sharing Jesus with the world.

Understand the Key Themes of Christianity: Each session helps kids acknowledge essential theological doctrines of the Christian faith as they are found throughout the Bible.

Elementary Department

First Service: Our 9:30 am service is often referred to as Children’s Church. These services are designed to look similar to a youth service and our main church service, but with some added kid friendly features! The service begins with worship, and then the students break up into age level groups in order to read bible story of the day and answer some warm up questions. Then they come back together for a large group lesson. Currently Children’s Church is doing a series on “Prayer.” Each week is filled with activities and teaching to help our kids understand the importance and purpose of prayer.